Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sexual gratification can be the best therapy.

IT's been rumored that, in a different era,
doctors could actually aid a female patient to relieve her sexual tension.
And, undoubtedly, this same principle was likely to be practiced by nurses, toward male patients. It's subject to speculation as to how common this actually was.
However, it wouldn't have created the same legal issues as it would today.
This was rumored to take place without legal repercussions, during the 1940's and 1950's.
There are even written accounts of doctors gratifying patients during the early 20th century. (the readers of this article may contribute further information).

The Vibrator was also a popular device to be used, both in the doctors office, as well as, inside the home. This was an excellent choice, since the vibrator could be used for multiple purposes. Meaning, a woman could claim that the vibrator was being used to massage her shoulders. Oddly though, the inventor of the vibrator, Kellina Wilkinson actually described its main purpose to "treat congestion of the genitalia. And, this was the 1880's. So, it's on par with rumors. Especially since the electric version of the vibrator was invented in 1902. Once again, it was primarily listed as a device for healing back pains. This made women feel more comfortable purchasing them.
Amazingly, doctors had been treating women with manual stimulation for previous centuries.

The vibrator began losing popularity during the 1920's, after it was often used in blue movies. Thus, society became aware of its sexual connotations. And, for many decades which followed, it was primarily an instrument used by doctors. (correct me if I'm wrong, please.)

Be reminded, this practice certainly worked both ways. The Voy forum mentioned that many nannies would actually gratify teenage boys in order to help them sleep better.

Needless to say, most incidents will not be publicly recorded. And, any nurse who engaged in such practice would surely be reluctant to openly admit to this activity. SO, nobody will know for sure, the extent of this issue.

Once again, you may contribute to this article and correct any mistakes, if need be. However, the following videos give a rare glimpse at how this is still practiced today.... outside of the U.S.A.
Please be advised, the following videos have sexual connotations.

IF any video doesn't start, simply toggle the curser forward and backward, and this will cause it to begin. The videos are longer than google normally allows. So, you might need to manually start them.


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